Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adult Halloween parta

So if you read the previous post you have an understanding that I love Halloween.  Since the kids were all a super hero theme, I continued that theme with Chad and I as well.  I was wonder woman and Chad was *supposed* to be clark kent.  Why do I say supposed, well turns out he was really sick and couldn't make it to our halloween party.  Don't think I am a horrible wife by continuing on with the party, we did talk about it.  I said if it was any other party I would cancel it, but people have invested in this one with costumes financially.  He agreeded.  Chad did come out for a little bit to say hi to everyone then went back to bed.

And yes..i made 100% of my costume.  I even spray painted an old pair of knee boots red.  Clevor...I know!!!


I LOVE halloween.  I LOVE every part of it - from the costumes, to the trick or treating to the planning it all out.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE halloween!!!!!  It may even be tied with Christmas as one of my favorite holidays.  

This year the boys wanted to be batman and spiderman.  So, i thought to myself 'heck 2 out of the 3 are a theme, let's do it!' and wha la.  Super heros it was.  So, without a say or an opinion, little miss caylee was super girl.  If i do say so myself, she looked super cute.

The boys loved trick of treating with the neighbors and sorting out all of their loot.  This years trick or treating experience was much different then last years.  The boys were not afraid or timid at all.  they had no problem running house to house and yelling to trick or treat.  Sometimes Carson would stand at the door wanting more.  Miss Caylee had no problem either once she figured out candy was her reward.

My baby is

My baby boy who was just born what seems like yesterday is now FIVE!!!  I am not kidding!!  I seriously can not believe it.  I remember the night before he was born and the rush of nerves and excitement that ran thru me.  Nothing could prepare me for what it meant to be a mom.  No one can tell what an amazing feeling it is to meet your child for the very first time and develop an unconditional love within seconds.  Then to watch the grow every year and become little young men.  I truly and lucky to be Cole's mom.

This year for Cole's birthday celebration we did an angry birds theme.  Cole loves playing the game and I knew how much fun we could have with the party.  So off to work I went figuring out what we were going to do.

Must of the party I had all planned out, except for the mud, which seemed to be the biggest hit.  The sprinklers kept going, and going, and going and wouldn't turn off.  Eventually we had a bit of a flood which was heaven for 5 year old boys.

All in all it was a super fun party and a super fun year to watch Cole grow into the little man he is today!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Time to Celebrate

I had a bit of a scare about a month ago.  i went to my ob for my yearly check and my dr felt a nodule on my thyroid.  Went to my family doctor to follow up and they did an ultra sound to confirm that yes indeed, there was a nodule on my thyroid.  I had a 2 day update nuclear scan done and a biopsy done as well to see if it was cancer.  Got the results back this week and it is benign!  yay!!!  So, a group of us went out last night to celebrate the great news.

Mowing the lawn

We have pictures of each of the boys helping daddy mow the lawn.  This past weekends was Caylee's turn.  She loved it so much.  She loves to see what we are doing all the time and always wants to be apart of it.  Maybe I should get Chad to take a picture of me holding her while I vacumn!!!

Soccer studs

It's official...I am a soccer mom.  Not only is Cole playing soccer, but Carson is too!!!   Cole has been playing with the same team for the past four seasons and now Carson is on a team too.  Carson is lucky enough to have Ava on his team along with his buddy Noah.

Both boys were very shy when they first started playing soccer.  It takes a lot of bribery for us to get Carson out there on the field.  Each week he is getting better and better.  Last week he even scored a goal!!!  But, started crying when everyone cheered for him.  Guess he doesn't like the spot light.  Here are some pics of my little soccer studs!!