Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bachelor Palooza

I am a reality junkie!! I love realty tv so I thought why not have some fun while watching one of my favorite tv shows. My husband plays fantasy football so I thought heck, let's do our own "pool" for the Bachelor. I had 21 girls sign up and we came up with the name Bachelor Palooza. We casted our weekly predictions and gained points each week. For the final rose ceremony we had a finale party and unveiled our winner.

I posted weekly posts on FB and a fb friend worked for a local news station. She happened to be talking about our palooza at work and the promotions director over heard her. Long story short, the news came out for our finale party. I was on the news, how funny is that!!

Looking forward to next seasons Bachelorette Palooza!!

The final rose - I know, i am totally cheesy:)

the final standings

Kyle made these adorable cake balls with the cutest toppers. Team emily or team chantel??

Susan and I had the best seats in the house. We had two tv's outback and it was like a huge chick flick / drive in in our backyard. I can not express how much fun I had this night. It was a huge gal party and we all watched the show and chit chatted during commercial breaks.

We had 15 girls from the palooza show up and the other gals just like watching the show.

Meet Carlos...the camera man

me cracking up that I am actually being interviewed for this. Japan is in a crisis people!!

viewing party

Jean on the left is our winner and Lynlie on the right is the loser!

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Team Thompson said...

so much fun and love the picture of you cracking up. :)